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Professionals in the field once joked that Ohio would be the last state to legalize sports betting. For a time, it looked like it may be the case, what with all the parliamentary discussions and bills that made everyone feel like today, this week, or this month might be the one where sports betting was finally allowed in the state. Then something like that would occur, or nothing would take place, causing everyone to be disappointed that legislative progress had been thwarted...again.

The cycle would continue indefinitely. Alternating periods of success and failure. Hope and despondency. If a bill passes the Senate, but the House rejects it, or vice versa. The question was whether or not Ohioans would ever get to bet on their beloved teams. The outlook was dismal. Finally, on December 8, 2021, a breakthrough was achieved! Is it possible? Yes! Suddenly, the Senate voted 31-1 in favor of H.B. 29, a bill that would legalize sports betting throughout the state. The House voted 72-12 later that day to approve the measure.

A sudden approval of H.B. 29 was the culmination of months of secret talks. For sports betting advocates, this bill represents a major success.

A monumental victory that will provide optimism and joy to hundreds of gamblers in Ohio State, sports gambling is expected to go operational in Ohio within only a couple of months. As a result of the state's deliberate approach to rulemaking, sports bettors will not be able to use their apps until January 1, 2023.

Type A Licenses

Up to twenty-five Type-A licenses, which can be issued to gamblers or professional sporting teams or venues, are allowed under the law. As one might expect, this includes the state's many casinos but also its professional sporting teams, Motorsports, and the PGA Tour. The sum of casinos and sports franchises is less than 25, but legislators rounded up just in case. Each Type, A licensee, provides one online "skin" or online gaming partner. Many states use this structure, which welcomes online-only businesses like DraftKings. Check out Ohio sports betting sites now!